Portlavaca Dodge Chrysler Jeep
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1901 Highway 35 South, Port Lavaca Texas 77979

Our Dealership

I am Stephen Livesay, GeneraI Manager of Port Lavaca Chevrolet. It has been my pleasure to serve the needs of Port Lavaca for many years, my thanks to all of you for your loyalty.
Please, feel free to contact if you have an issue that needs attention, I promise you myself or one of my staff will get back to you as soon as possible!

Have you ever wondered who coined the phrase "Booming Port Lavaca?  Well that would be the owner Ben Keating, who is also very fast in a race car! Click for details!


Stephen Livesay, General Manager Ben Keating, Owner Port Lavaca Dodge Chrysler Jeep
Stephen Livesay
General Manager
Ben Keating, Owner  

Ps: Here is a bit of history on our dealership group, in early 2002, Ben Keating was looking for his first dealership and Port Cities Ford became available.  Several things fell into place and Port Cities Ford became Port Lavaca Ford.  The other two dealers in town quickly sold Franklin Dodge and Lavaca Bay Chevrolet to Ben within just two short years!  Port Lavaca Ford became the #1 Select Ford dealer in the country within just a few months of opening.  What a deal!

Ben Keating grew up in Tomball, TX and when Tomball Ford became available after his father's passing, Ben and his team stepped in.  Since then, 4 other Chrysler stores have been added to the group and most recently, the Toyota franchise in Victoria, TX.

Port Lavaca Ford consistently outsells the Ford dealer in Victoria, TX and for many years, sold more vehicles than the Ford dealer in Corpus Christi, TX.  In a small town of just 12,000 people, Port Lavaca Ford has a large dealership mentality: Order as many trucks as the manufacturer will let you, discount them as much as you can, and sell in volume to the market.  Because of Port Lavaca Ford's large volume selling, they qualify for extra factory incentives that other dealers may not necessarily get, and they pass the savings on to you.

When you see a pink plate driving around the Crossroads and even south towards Corpus Christi, TX, you know someone just saved thousands.  Come see us and save big in BOOMING Port Lavaca!